RJ Reynolds Field Hockey

The Site

The site for the stadium facility will be built on land currently owned by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board. Although the proposed stadium site is on the perimeter of Hanes Park, it is not within the publicly owned park property. The addition of the proposed stadium and gymnasium will only improve the current state of the site. To make room for the stadium and playing field, the bus lots and Wiley gym will be removed. A new gymnasium will be built to accommodate Wiley Middle School.

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Contrary to some comments, the area designated for the proposed stadium cannot be considered “green space” given its condition. The area is currently underutilized by the neighboring schools due to uneven and unsafe open space. Other areas of the site currently serve as a school bus parking lot and are home to an outdated school gymnasium located between Wiley Middle School and the Reynolds High School gymnasiums.