RJ Reynolds

The Community

Over the years, many have experienced R.J. Reynolds athletics at a variety of fields and facilities, but in the school's 90 year history they have never had a field with a true home field advantage– a field on campus.

The addition of a stadium in our "backyard" will create a home-field environment unlike anything R.J. Reynolds has experienced. Many will be introduced to the new era of RJR athletics where memories will be made and shared for decades by future generations.

An on-campus stadium will foster a sense of community for students and will provide a rallying point and sense of pride and tradition. Fans young and old, alumni and Hanes Park neighbors who may never have attended R.J. Reynolds sporting events will now have an opportunity to be part of the Demon family.

The “R.J. Reynolds Home Field Advantage” stadium facility promises to have a positive impact on our community and will benefit more than just a few athletes.

RJR community

• A closer facility has the potential to increase sports and extra-curricular student participation which in turn will aid in improved academic performance and higher graduation rates.

• The new stadium will be safer. The playing surface will be better than those currently used for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey. In addition, an on-campus facility will require less travel to both games and practices, thus reducing risk and liability.

• An on-campus stadium will make it easier for students, families and neighbors to attend games. Greater attendance means more funding for improved athletic and academic programs.

• A new stadium close to RJR high school will increase alumni participation and support, building a stronger school.

Wiley community

• With a plan for a new stadium facility comes a new gymnasium used for sports, extra-curricular activities, classes and assemblies. This new gym will replace Wiley's current facility which is not only out-of-date but also unsafe.

• The new stadium will enhance the Wiley Middle School experience and provide a new facility that will encourage expansion of new athletic teams and extra-curricular programs.

Hanes Park community

• The stadium will provide additional field resources and recreational opportunity for the Central YMCA members

• The new stadium will bring an energy to the park and give interested people in the area an opportunity to interface with their neighbors – whether it be folks from West End, West Highlands or Reynolds students and families. It’s a chance to be part of something bigger and meet and support new friends.

• The new stadium plan should provide improved lighting and walkways near the stadium which will increase safety at night.

• Businesses surrounding the Hanes Park area will experience a year-round increase in patrons. Visitors new to the area will discover all the unique shops and restaurants nearby. And, all the attention once given to businesses outside the area when traveling to other facilities can now stay in our own community.